Madhu enters RK’s world #Madhubala Weekly Update: 18th-23rd Feb
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The week began with Bittuji offering a job to Madhu as a hairdresser in a movie.  RK rehearses for a song and at the same time Madhu reaches his set. Both are unaware of each other’s presence and while RK shoots his scene, Madhu looks around for Bittuji.  In a sequence both RK-Madhu come close enough and as one of the prop curtain falls on their heads, both collide and stare at each other. Both are puzzled seeing each other and while Madhu tries to back out she almost trips on a light stand. Watching her get hurt RK calls out to her with care but stops and questions her visit. Watch RK-Madhu’s first meeting after breakup.

In chawl, Madhu decides to not take up the job because of RK. She listens to radio and the song ‘Baahon ke darmiyaan’ plays, reminding her of the time when RK danced with her on the same song on sets. RK too is listening to the same song while drinking and feels tortured by Madhu’s memories. Watch as RK gets agitated remembering Madhu.

Next day, Radhaji goes to Madhu’s house and requests her to take up the job as she wants Madhu to make RK realise that he’s one who’s in loss, not her. Padmini vehemently rejects the offer and at first even Madhu declines. But later, looking at RK’s poster, Madhu decides to take up the job and defeat RK in his own game. Watch this entire sequence here.

On sets, RK finds Madhu back at work and gets upset on seeing her. He immediately drags her to his vanity and both have an argument. Madhu taunts RK on feeling insecure with her around and promises to break him down. RK challenges her that he will make her quit in three days whereas Madhu takes up the challenge and decides to stick around for the full schedule. Watch RK-Madhu challenge each other in this video.

While shooting for a scene, RK purposely complains about the heroine’s hair and tries his best to irritate Madhu over it. Because of this the heroine gets frustrated with Madhu and breaks her hair dryer. On RK’s request, the heroine orders Madhu to go to RK’s vanity and there he asks her to give him a head massage. After a few awkward moments, Madhu starts to leave but RK stops her and asks her for back massage and starts to remove his shirt. Watch this entire sequence here.

Madhu feels embarrassed and rushes to get out of the vanity but trips while getting off and hurts her ankle. RK runs to help her but Madhu keeps pushing him away. Irritated, RK picks her up in his arms and makes her sit on a chair. Watch as RK rushes to help Madhu.

Due to a misunderstanding Madhu is made to act as a duplicate and wear the heroine’s costume of a backless dress.  Madhu comes out dressed but keep herself covered. Looking at this RK tries to remove her shawl but Madhu’s tears fall on his hand and he stops himself and asks the director to pack-up.  Watch this moment right here.

RK sits in his make-up room and rues about the incident. In his adjacent room, he hears Madhu cry and he feels like comforting her. The lights on sets go off and Madhu tries to find her way out. RK comes there to help and requests her to not roam around in dark, but Madhu doesn’t listen. In an attempt to pull her back, RK accidently tears Madhu’s sleeves and she slaps him across his face. Watch this entire sequence right here.

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