Madhu decides to teach RK a lesson #Madhubala Weekly Update – 22nd Apr to 27th Apr
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In the beginning of the week we saw RK looking for Madhu and in desperation he calls Sultan. The latter taunts him and blames RK for torturing his wife so much that she ran away. Later, RK reaches home and finds Madhu sleeping on his couch. She wakes up and welcomes him with open arms. Watch as RK is confused by Madhu's behaviour.

Madhu tells RK that she is back and wants to be with him. She understands that he is too scared to accept his feelings and doesn't mind it. RK is unsure how to react and asks Madhu if she is playing with his heart. Madhu assures him that she is completely his and is ready to fight with anyone for his love. Watch as RK and Madhu reunite! 

Next morning, RK wakes up and is relieved to see Madhu. He tries to flirt with her but she pushes him to get ready. When they come down for breakfast Padmini enters and yells at Madhu for lying to her about being at a friend's house. She questions her reason to be with RK but Madhu is unable to answer. RK tries to explain that they are now back together but Padmini doesn't listen to him. Watch as Padmini breaks all ties with Madhu.

Later in the day, Madhu goes to meet Sultan and apologizes to him for bringing up the topic of his wife. Sultan forgives her and assures her that how much ever she may say he will always come to help her. Madhu doesn't understand and asks him to explain why but before he could answer Aryan comes out to meet Madhu. Watch as Madhu reconnects with Sultan and Aryan.

Sultan offers to drop Madhu home and she reluctantly accepts. In the mansion, RK asks the servants for Madhu but is told that she's out. He then starts to check the CCTV footage and sees Madhu and Sultan standing outside the gate. At the same time, Sultan asks Madhu to promise to come to him if RK troubles her and she puts her hand in his. When RK watches this he fumes with jealousy. Watch this sequence right here.

Madhu goes to meet Padmini and tries to explain the situation. Padmini laments losing her faith in her daughter but Madhu tells her that she is doing this only to make RK realise his mistake. She wants to show RK what hurt means and asks Padmini to trust her. Watch as Madhu reveals her plan to teach RK a lesson.

When Madhu reaches home, RK asks her out on a date and gifts a dress. She goes to change but refuses to wear it. On RK's insistence she comes out in the new dress and RK praises her. He then picks her up in his arms and brings her down where they run into Dipali. She taunts Madhu on her new look and when RK is away tells Madhu that she understands the game she is playing. Watch as Madhu challenges Dipali to tell RK the truth. 

RK and Madhu go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. The waiter brings in some champagne and RK comments that he wishes to make Madhu drunk so she could spill out her secret. He tells her that he thinks she's hiding something and in return she challenges him to read her eyes. Both play the stare game and when RK blinks first Madhu comes to know he was just staring at some other girl and gets irritated. A fan approaches RK for an autograph and he tries to flirt with her. Watch as RK and Madhu tease each other.

The coming week RK will think Madhu is upto something and while the two are dancing on their date, Sultan will reach there which will irritate RK further. Will RK findout Madhu's real plan or will she manage to convince him of her love? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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