Luxury Task ‘Museum’ Ends: Synopsis, Day 73
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After Pritam, Puneet and Gautam’s face-off, the alert ‘Guards’ and ‘Thieves’ continue their Museum task with full energy even in the wee hours of the night. Thieves try their level best to strategize and plan out the robbery while the guards leave no stone unturned to be responsible for the museum.

However Gautam is a little stressed as he needs to accomplish his secret task of stealing the items while in the disguise of a guard. At 6:30 am in the morning when both the groups are asleep due to fatigue, Gautam who was patrolling with Puneet finally plans his execution. As Puneet goes to the washroom and leaves Gautam in charge, the thief in disguise goes and switches off the monitor in the garden and starts putting in all the items he could find handy in to the store room.

When Puneet comes back, he is shocked to see what is happening. Gautam gets scared and admits he is the thief as a result of the secret task assigned to him. Gautam tries to manipulate Puneet as to why he is doing it. Puneet doesn’t react and lets Gautam finish the task except stealing the Diamond. 

After Gautam’s revelation the whole house wakes up and resumes the task once again in full swing. Thieves Praneet, Ali and Karishma blame Gautam for not being a team sport and doing everything on his own. Ali states that if Gautam had called for other thieves they would have won the task then and there.

As the day progresses the Museum task turns out to be more of a blame game rather than a luxury budget task as to who did well and who faltered.  The guards protect the Diamond so well there on, as one would think that their lives depend on it. Pritam continues to rule the house as the captain. A few think what Gautam did was right while others speak against him.

In the evening, Bigg Boss announces that the task has come to an end. Captain Pritam is asked to decide the winner between the Thieves and the Guards as per their performance. Who will Pritam choose? Will have to wait and watch.

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