Luxury Budget Task, once again!

Luxury Budget Task, once again!

Post the BB Junction task, the environment in the house is chaotic as there is no captain in the house to delegate duties and keep tab of all the functioning. It started off with Shehnaz and Mahira screaming and speaking to Bigg Boss about Bhau sleeping. After persistent yelling, Bhau is seen getting annoyed and retaliating. What’s Bigg Boss going to do here? Going forward, Bigg Boss announces the Luxury Budget task again where the housemates are divided into two teams. The two teams are now strategizing to win this task and more so the luxury budget. A lot of pushing and pulling will be seen here. Shefali Jariwala is even accused of slapping Shehnaz. Being the sanchalak, how will Mahira react take charge of things? Further, we will see Shehnaz and Rashami fighting. Amidst all this angst, Rashami hurts her finger and is in too much pain. Bigg Boss immediately stops the task and keeps it on hold after having two housemates injured. Post a doctor’s consultation for Asim and Rashami, Asim has a minor muscle pull but he informs everyone else that Rashami has got a hairline fracture on her finger. Hoping to get justice, Rashami is fuming with anger and pain and wants to quit the game.



Amidst all of this, Asim gathers all the courage to confess his feelings for Himanshi. With Weekend ka Vaar coming up, the nominated duo is seen sharing an emotional moment. Himanshi who considers Asim a very good friend hugs him and thanks him for being around whenever she needed him. What’s next for these two?



Lastly, Rashami and Shefali Jariwala are seen taking a dig at Mahira by making you baby with big lips. With direct taunts and comments, how will Mahira react to this? Will this lead to some major sparks going forward?



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