Luxury Budget Task, BB Democracy, proves to be a total game changer on Bigg Boss 10!
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Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for this week. The task is called BB Democracy and just as the name suggests all decisions have to be taken in a democratic manner that is by majority. However, the big twist is that in reality, all decisions are taken by Manu and Priyanka from the Secret Room. Here’s what’s in store for the housemates, all thanks to the ‘Secret Room Duo’, Manu and Priyanka…






Who is chosen to be the cook on Bigg Boss 10?




Bigg Boss poses his first question to the housemates that between Rahul and Swami Om who should get the single handed responsibility to be the cook. Now, that’s a tricky one, isn’t it? What do you think Manu and Priyanka decide for the housemates?


Bani is banned from using the Gym!




Bigg Boss asks the housemates that if they would like to restrict Bani from using the Gym. In the Secret Room, Priyanka and Manu decide that she should not be allowed to use the Gym. To Bani, this looks like the housemates have taken a decision and it naturally irks her. She is upset beyond imagination by this. Looks like the tigress is wounded!


Monalisa and Gaurav to use the Jacuzzi together…




The third question from Bigg Boss is that between Swami Om and Lopamudra and Gaurav and Monalisa, who should compulsorily use the Jacuzzi for half an hour every day. The decision is in favor of Monalisa and Gaurav.


Will Bani react to the ban in her trademark style? How will Monalisa and Gaurav’s Jacuzzi time affect Manu, who has himself taken this decision? We can already feel the temperature in Bigg Boss house soaring high! Can you feel it too?






Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10 to know how these decisions affect the equations in the Bigg Boss 10 house, every Mon- Fri at 10.30PM and every Sat- Sun at 9PM!

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