Lucky breaks Ragini’s heart? #Swaragini
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  • March 19, 2015
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In tonight’s episode we will see Swara making umpteen efforts to find evidence against Lucky. She follows him around everywhere and finally manages to catch him with a mysterious girl in a coffee shop who is trying to be cozy with him.  Not just that, Lucky even buys expensive jewellery for her! 

Swara realizes she couldn’t have asked for any better evidence and immediately records the entire interaction of the duo. She meets Shekhar and shows him the recorded footage, which is further seen by the entire Gadodia family. With a solid proof in hand, Shekhar decides to confront Durgaprasad who had vouched for his son’s clean intentions and said that he would do nothing as such that could bring the family’s image down. Shekhar is sure that after watching the clipping the Maheshwari family wouldn’t be able to deny the fact.

Ragini, who has heard the entire conversation between Swara and Shekhar, is completely shattered into pieces. Moreover, Dadima begrudges about having Swara around who according to her is doing everything to break Ragini’s enagagement instead of saving it. But this time Shekhar takes a stand for his second daughter, Swara, which is a truth still unknown to many. Will he do something which washes off all the pain Sharmishtha has been carrying in her heart for 20 years? And how will Lucky react to Shekhar’s questions?

Catch all the drama unfold tonight at 9:30 pm, only on COLORS.

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