Lucknow Central – An inspiration from a true story!
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'Lucknow Central’ is certainly one of those movies which stands out from the stereotypes. The world television premiere of the movie happens just after one month of its release! So let us know what made the movie really interesting for the audience! What is there in the movie which is surely going to interest the audience of any age group to tune in?



Well, the fact is the plot of the movie is based on a true story! A real life idea that did wonders.





So the original story is about the real Lucknow central jail which has Adarsh Jail wing, and it is there is a band called ‘Healing Hearts.’ This band includes 12 men who have been sentenced to life imprisonement.



The director of the film Ranjit Tiwari got to know about the band through an article and this inspired him to make a film on it.



It is said that the senior jail superintendent VK Jain palyed a major role in the band formation. Funds were released to set up a band within the prison, there were few volunteers who joined hands with these 12 men and around 15 instruments were bought. Incidentally, a prison guard named Noor Mohammad knew how to play these instruments as his father was a part of a private band. Hence Noor Mohammad took a lead in training these people. The band also won the contest, which led VK Jain to give them an opportunity to perform at a private party too. The band slowly gained recognition hence more work started pouring in for them. As a fact the band now even has a booking counter for them and they charge half the price of other bands.





This band has also performed at major events like ‘Republic Day Parades’ however since they are serving  their term they go back to their cells after every show.



Ranjit Tiwari also said “In the course of my research, when I went to the jail to meet the band, I realised that all criminals are not hardened; some of them are victims of circumstances. Saare qaidi bure nahi hote. I’ve seen a lot of jails in the country, which are working hard to reform inmates because, after their sentence, they deserve a second chance at life.”



Doesn’t the story move us in some way?



Many more facts about the band to be revealed soon, stay tuned for the world television premiere on 15th October at 1 PM!

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