Love Trapped: Looks like Love isn’t a fairytale for Swara, Ragini and Lucky?
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Recently we saw how unfortunately a love triangle got created between Ragini, Lucky and Swara after Lucky realized his affection towards Swara and made a clear confession. Complexity rose post this as Ragini had already fallen for Lucky ever since the so called ‘rishta’ came for the girl.

Now, the situation gets really complicated as knowingly or unknowingly the trio is Love trapped, we will explain you how –

Swara – The lovely and vibrant Swara got the shock of her life after Lucky revealed that it’s not Ragini but she whom he loves. Swara, has always been very caring and sensitive about her sister’s feelings, and always tried to ensure Ragini gets the love of her life and remains happy eternally.
Swara got torn in between her friendship with Lucky and sisterly love for Ragini. She remains in a fix which way to go, although she isn’t yet aware about her own feelings for Lucky. It’s a miserable situation she is stuck in where partially she can be stated being called a villain and partially innocent! Tsk tsk… poor girl.
Ragini – Initially being rejected by Lucky was still bearable for Ragini as she felt she could still have him back in her life. But once again when she started picking the pieces of her broken heart with a ray of hope that things would now get better, hell broke loose after she discovered that Lucky is in love with somebody else! And that too her own sister!
What else could be more terrible than knowing this? Not to forget that Ragini equally loves her sister. Still unable to bear the pain, Ragini feels dejected and cheated by both Lucky and Swara.
Lucky – Lucky is definitely one who is stuck between the two in the most unfortunate manner. He is the reason for one sister’s broken heart while on the verge of losing a friend in the other. People call him the culprit while he feels helpless as he has given misery to one girl without the intent, even though he loves the other but isn’t sure if he will ever win her over. A situation where either he could win both way or lose everything close to him.What do you think about the trio?
Whom do you consider right and wrong in this ‘Love stuck’ situation?Leave your comments below!


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