Love lost between Ranvir and Ishani? #MATSH
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Ishani and Ranvir's love story has gone through many tough ordeals but it was Ranvir's dedication to his love that kept them from falling apart. His love may have been unrequited but he never let his affection disappear for Ishani and continued maintaining a positive outlook towards their relationship. 

But recently the equation has changed. According to Ranvir, Ishani crossed the line when he got to know that she went to meet Chirag, her ex-beau. Ranvir felt hurt when he got to know about it and post his accident trauma has made it clear to Ishani that he doesn't consider her his wife anymore. The news has definitely left Ishani shattered but she is not the one to give up easily.

After going through so many ups and downs and moments of distrust and despair, Ishani has finally felt the pangs of love for Ranvir but knowing that he doesn't trust her anymore she's making sure she wins his heart again. We will see many moments this week when Ranvir tries to express his hurt towards Ishani but she is willing to take it all.

Post the party, Ranvir is said to invite his female friend to his room and seeing another girl in her bedroom upsets Ishani. Even though she asks Ranvir to ask her ot leave, he doesn't oblige and both are about to sit in bed when Ishani sets the bed on fire!

In another instance, Amba is all set to throw Ishani out of the house and drags her till the door. Parul insists Ranvir to intervene and save his wife but he is adamant that she's nothing to him and let's his mother do what she wants.

Will Amba really throw Ishani out of the house? And has Ranvir really lost all feelings for Ishani? To how far can Ishani go to win Ranvir's love back? 

Keep watching this space for all the latest updates!

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