Love is slowly weaving its magic on both Thapki and Bihaan
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  • March 30, 2016
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Over the last few weeks, Bihaan has come to Thapki’s rescue on several occasions. Like the time Thapki was asked to welcome the guests by dressing up as a teddy bear, Bihaan too dressed up like one to save Thapki from embarrassment . This wasn’t the only time that he saved the love of his life, Thapki from humiliation, there are many other instances in the past that show Bihaan’s growing commitment towards her. After being shot by goons and fighting for his life, Bihaan’s feelings for Thapki changed; he was struck by the care and concern in her eyes. While he was happy to have her back in his life, Thapki’s request for divorce rattled him a little. To Bihaan’s amazement, he cannot get the picture of Thapki out of his mind and everywhere that he turns, the only image that pops up in front of him is of hers. It was only after speaking to Balwinder, he realizes that these feelings for Thapki are real and that he was indeed madly in love with her. Bihaan’s continual faith on Thapki will make her realize his feelings for her, and they will be seen putting their bitter past behind. This is definitely the beginning of a brand new love story between Thapki and Bihaan, and to find out what happens next in their lives, stay tuned to Thapki Pyar Ki, Monday to Sunday at 7PM.

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