Look who is vouching for Ashish’s workaholism!
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The power house of talent, Malishka got eliminated last week from the show! We caught up with her on her live chat, read on to know the insights.

“Jhalak was an adventurous ride for me, I feel blissful that I was a part of Jhalak. According to me I received the best farewell as I was the only contestant who got a farewell dance from the judges that too on the famous song from ‘The Dirty Picture’.” says Malishka about her early eviction from the show.IMG_5159

On quizzed whether she is comfortable with the format of the show, Malishka says, “I don't agree that Jhalak chooses popularity over talent. In fact Jhalak gives importance to both. The popularity and talent both are rated on their own parameters. This show is about a non-dancer turning into a dancer. To me it was a fair elimination and a fair game show. In showbiz you can take the good with the bad.”Picture8

“If I get a chance to replace someone from the show, my pick would be Shakti, the best contender on the show”, says Malishka when asked who would she like to replace anyone if she gets a chance to go back on the show.

Malishka even spilled some secrets about the other contestants on the show, she said, “Mouni is someone who is totally in love with herself while TJ is a health freak, who keeps a count on her food intake and our Major Saab, Ashish Sharma is a dedicated workaholic, who makes sure he manages his time between Rangrasiya and Jhalak.”Picture1

“I got an opportunity and I grabbed it with both my hands. If you are slightly hopeful in life and really wish to attain the goals you have aimed for, you should concentrate all your energies towards it. I think for anything in life, you need to have a sound mind and a fit body. As long as I'm fit, I'm good and I don't think there is a need for me to be slim.” says Malishka when questioned about being on the heavy side.

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