Look who is the prettiest of ’em all!
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  • October 17, 2014
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Oo lala! Now this is something that I really love to share! Sushant and Sonali seemed to be discussing ‘actually’ who is the most beautiful girl in the house,and I gave all my ears listening to Sonali as she praised herself stating she is 'certainly beautiful' and that Salman himself told her that in one of the looks she resembled Katrina Kaif! Oh my my! My heart skips a beat,what confidence! Listening to all this I feel conscious now .More than this scoop what puts me into deep thought is ,is beauty skin deep truly?? Or something much beyond? .Well  that will be revealed over the period only, let the time pass by. I am loving the way things are unfolding in the house, we need to keep ourselves hooked to the show for more grapevine isn’t it?

Good day!


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