Look who is missing her best friend!
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  • October 23, 2014
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As I woke up in the morning, I noticed Diandra  missing her best friend ‘Binal Trivedi’, another super model from the fashion industry. The main reason being the latter’wedding on 30th of this month. Apparently, the two are best friends for around twenty years! Quite old buddies,eh?  She told on the camera that if she doesn't get evicted this week, she would want to talk to Binal before her wedding and that the phone call be arranged for her, as she is going to miss the wedding.. Ali heard Diandra getting little emotional and  requested Big Boss that the two buddies get to talk to each other. He said “Big Boss yeh dono dil se connected hain,aap please inki sunn lo”. Isn't that sweet on Ali's part; the two were seen getting loggerhead when Ali wanted to punish her and she ignored his words completely. 


Now will that wish be granted by Big Boss? Let’s wait and watch. Also I am observing since past few days Ali and Diandra are gelling well with each other. Diandra, who looks a little choosy otherwise in making friends, is showing some interest in Ali . As a friend of course! I mean, as of now (winks). 


Hope it's a anti-noise Diwali in the house 


Over 'n' Out


Ms. Khabri

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