Look who got lucky when Praneet got punished?
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  • October 24, 2014
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After taking over the command of the house once again, Ali was asked to choose one contestant, who according to him doesn’t contribute much in household chores. After some confusion between Sonali and Praneet; Ali decided to finally give Praneet’s name. Praneet looked extremely agitated to this (grrrrr!) and questioned back Ali why was he targeting him? My gut feeling says Ali is taking some kind of revenge from Praneet! Wondering what could be that for? And as a punishment he had to clean a pile of utensils! Which is not that sever a punishment but to my surprise, he took the task quite sportingly and joyfully completed it too! That’s why people outside like you panditji! Good going, keep up the spirits! 

On the other hand the top seven chosen housemates who according to captain work tenaciously were given a task to jump inside the swimming pool  and find the cut out which spells “Phone call” correctly, the one who finds the correct piece would get to talk to his/her family. And guess what, Pritam won the game!! It was overwhelming to see Pritam talking to his wife and mother. Other members couldn’t hold their emotions listening to that  and connecting back to their families in heart. Awww, another sweet gesture Big Boss which proves you care for your guests (smiling).


I need to call my family!


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