Look what happened when Bigg Boss called for his Adaalat!
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  • October 31, 2014
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What I saw last in the house resurrects my faith that the housemates cannot get away with their acts and spoken words which created hell lot of havoc inside the house inviting troubles in past! 


The task was named aptly as “Big Boss ki adaalat.” Each housemate was asked to stand inside the given ‘Katghada’ one after another and justify himself/herself from the alleged ilzaam put on them by some other housemate at some point in time during this season. Each and everyone got a fair chance to prove themselves clean and innocent. But I couldn't keep my eyes off  the contestants while the blame game was going on. In fact while Gautam and Praneet were being interrogated there was lot of fire ,anguish and grudge coming out of people. Especially when Gautam called Praneet ‘Double dholki’ it made Praneet burst out in anger!


It was interesting to watch diandra defend herself off all the accusations. A lot happened over Bigg Boss ki Adaalat making everyone aware that it’s not their house but Big Boss’s and there is a certain code of conduct that everyone is bound to to abide by. This exercise seemed to be much needed for these headstrong housemates!


Just like what happens when we put clothes into a washing machine… Everything comes out clean in the end!



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