Look what becomes the reason for a fight between Gautam and Upen!
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And I have caught the real culprit! The only reason for all the rifts within the house is ‘The tasks’.  Even a small chingaari can result inot a huge fire. Since the phone booth task is on, so Sushant was asked to name one male friend in the house whom he likes the most, being a little fearful to what would happen next Sushi named Upen. The caller further blackmailed him asking him to convince Upen to shave his hair off !Sushant was in a fix and tried to convince Upen, but all his efforts were futile. The so called ‘Good friend’ Upen outrightly refused to do it. Sushant further asked others to help him complete this task, but one by one everybody said ‘No’, which broke our delicate darling, Sushi's heart! Sush had readily agreed for such sacrifices for his friends in the house but nobody stood up for him. Later, I saw Gautam passing out a comment that only Sushant should convince his best friend Upen to get bald,why should others be involved? And that was all to get Upen furious! Upen who was anyway just waiting for a chance to have a one on one session with Gautam, jumped into a heated argument with him saying that Gautam passing double comments also raised the last Saturday incident. 


However Gautam was not ready accept anything. He told Upen “Ghar ke bahar jaaoge toh you will slap yourself seeing the videos which will clearly prove I loved you so much!” Gautam also alleged him saying whenever it comes to girls Upen always leaves his friends to take side of the girls! It was terrible to see the bhaai-bhaai fight! Upen, who was completely enraged said that Gautam was doing all this for the camera! To which Gautam also had rejoinedrs for. But guess who thought of jumping in between without even asking the two? Apna Aarya! Wel,l I could clearly make out Aarya had become a bit more alert after getting a feedback from Urvashi Dholakia and other inmates that he doesn’t take any stand. So, here he was standing tall as a wall to defend Upen. This annoyed Gautam even more. Waah Arya! Itni himmat kahan se aayi?? Also what made me burst into laughter was when Babbar said “Iss Saturday main chup nahi rahunga!”.Lol!!!


Fights aside, what I am looking forward to in tonight's episode is, whether Upen shave his head for Sushi or not! We will soon find out. 


Don’t miss the fight tonight at 9 pm!


Khabri signs off!



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