Live Update: When the housemates got patriotic!
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  • October 8, 2014
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Day 17 05:36 PM, Bharat Mata Ki Jai…Vande Mataram…Inquilab Zindabad. No, No! the inmates are not fighting for Independence but freedom fighters and history was the topic of discussion with the evening tea.

It all started when the inmates realized they are short of salt in the kitchen, poor housemates started preparing their dinner without the pinch of salt. This sparked a conversation of how much our body needs salt and what can be the backlash of the same. And to motivate the housemates, Puneet Issar went back to the days where Bhagat Singh did fasting for 60 days. Keeping him as their idol, the housemates backed themselves up to survive few days without salt. But wait, the discussion didn’t stop here, the history class bounced to the topic of various freedom fighters, battle of Panipat and the fort of Chittor.

Well, somebody’s getting better with their GK!

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