LIVE shows are super exciting!
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  • February 13, 2017
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Rising Star has already set a benchmark on the national television. The show keeps the viewers hooked as everything goes LIVE. What adds cherry on cake is the fact that singers choose this marvelous platform to present their talent and all they get is one shot to prove. No editing and erasure is what it comprises of.


Here are the reasons why a LIVE show, like ‘Rising Star’ is thoroughly engrossing –


1. No retakes and cuts in between

Thumbnail2. The reactions of the performers and experts are absolutely real and instant
IMG_16503. Nobody knows what will happen next hence the excitement builds
IMG_17364. Audience feels being very much part of the show, as it gets shot at the same time they watch
IMG_21595. Challenging for the performers as they know they are being watched LIVE

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