Let’s see what’s brewing on Coffee with Gaurav and Gurbani on Bigg Boss
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It’s a new week on Bigg Boss and after the nomination dose on Monday, Gaurav and Gurbani are up to spreading some light chuckles. The duo decides to play Coffee with Gaurav and Bani and as one would guess, they look for a fitting first guest.

PIC 01


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Nitibha, who is passing by, becomes their first guest on the show. Gaurav teases her on funny ‘Rajkumari’ accent and she takes it in a good stride.


PIC 05


So here’s how the flow of the rapid fire on this show goes…


PIC 06


Gaurav-"Aapka best day?"

Nitibha-"Medallion wala day."


PIC 07


Bani-"Who do you hate most?"

Nitibha-"Navin, because he cracks bad jokes."


PIC 08


Bani-"Favourite person in the house?"



PIC 11


Gaurav-"Jail me jana accha laga?"



PIC 10


Gaurav-"Kya aap dobara jana chahengi?"

Nitibha-"Bilkul bhi nahi."


PIC 04


Gaurav-"Jana pada to kis ke saath jayengi?"

Nitibha-"Karan ke sath wapas jaungi, he's my perfect jailmate."


PIC 13



Well, that’s a wrap on this one. Nitibha, in a game of checkmate on Bigg Boss, you led yourself to find a jail-mate.

Looks like the mornings on Bigg Boss have begun to brew with a fun twist. Catch this buzz tonight at 10.30PM only on Bigg Boss, we don’t want to spill all the beans! 

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