Let’s go back to the highlights of Bigg Boss season 11.
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Bigg Boss season 11 couldn’t get more entertaining! With unlimited drama, actions, emotions and fights this season definitely has been power packed!


With the finale week running currently; let’s go back to some of the moments we will never ever forget about the season.



Clash between Vikas and Shilpa – This began on the very first day of the show, in fact who can forget this happened in front of the host Salman Khan on the Bigg Boss stage. The animosity between the two from the past remained at its peak for the first five weeks at least. However things mellowed down between the two gradually.





Bandgi and Puneesh’s love story – The spark between the two was quite evident in the initial few days and they gradually confessed their love for each other and remained inseparable inside the house.





Two sides of Akash – We saw him entertaining the housemates and the audience this season, we also saw how he went crazy number of times.





Hina, the style icon – Hina proved herself to be the best dressed housemate this season, she has ensured to look good all the time.





Priyank’s double eviction this season – He was the lucky one. We got totally surprised to see Priyank getting evicted on the very first weekend as Mr. Salman Khan asked him to leave due to a certain behavior. Priyank came back after a couple of weeks and played well till a long time.





Arshi admiration for Hiten – Everyone including Salman Khan teased Hiten everytime Arshi flirted with him. Hiten stayed in the house in a very dignified manner and his shy side was loved by all. It was cute to see him running away every time Arshi approached him!






Priyank and Vikas’s changing equations – The duo have been friends even before they met in the Bigg Boss house. However things changed after Priyank’s second stint in the house. Vikas and Priyank started having differences. However they got back together as friends after every tiff.





Suspense about who are the Padosis – The theme of the season is ‘Padosis’ and ‘Gharwaale’ and there were few who specifically entered as Padosis this season. At the start the gharwaale were extremely curious to know who their neigbors are until they finally entered the main house.






Family & Friends – Not once but twice this season the housemates got surprise visits by their loved ones.





Hina and Shilpa’s tiff – The two ladies clearly didn’t like each other from the very beginning and fought during several events. Their fights undoubtedly gave us a lot of entertainment.





Best friends, Puneesh and Akash – The duo bonded really well since the beginning however even their friendship hit the troubled waters several times. Despite knowing each other's flaws they chose to support each other during the crucial moments.







You think you remember some more moments from the season? Then do mention them below.

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