Let there be some singing on JDJ9
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  • August 25, 2016
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  • 11:10 am

Why let there be only dance when we can have some more fun by making Saturday night melodious? You will see a dance war between the contestants in the form of a face-off. One such Jodi will be Surveen and Nora, who will perform as Madhuri and Sridevi respectively.

Given the esteemed Bollywood icons are everyone’s favourite, JDJ9 took the battle a bit further by adding some musical mazza to the evening. The judges along with the contestants were divided into two teams. One team representing Madhuri and other Sridevi, and who ever would sing the maximum songs of the Bollywood Queens on the basis of the props, would claim a win.


Well this is going to be some new kind of battle on JDJ9.

Sur-Taal and Dance- Bemisaal… only on JDJ9, Saturday, 10PM.

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