Let there be light
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It meant a lot for visually challenged Kusum Dhamne to be chosen for Colors Show Mission Sapne. All these years of life, she has spent her day selling Nimbu Mirchi on roads to earn a living for her family. When she got to know that Colors diva Drashti Dhami is going to take up her job for a day and will earn money on her behalf, she couldn’t believe it. It was the biggest moment of her life. “I have never been happier that Drashti took up my job for a day and I don't think anything can make me happier!” Kusum shares her excitement.
When the channel approached Kusum and told her about the show, she was treated like a celebrity by her family and friends. “They could not believe that a blind woman like me could go on such a huge show on Colors. I was treated like a celebrity,” she adds.
Kusum happily helped Drashti and made Nimbu Mirchi with her. “Drashti did a good job. After I made nimbu mirchi with her, she asked me how much I sell it for. I informed her I sell a piece for Rs 7. She said she will try to sell it for Rs 30. Drashti actually sold it for that much! I could not believe it!” Kusum explains.
Kusum felt overwhelmed during the shoot. “When I went there, they treated me like family. Drashti and Sonali took special care of me. They held my hand and walked. I remember there were stairs that I had to climb and Drashti told me to be careful. I told her I'm used to walking alone and not to worry. It felt so genuine. It made me believe that goodness exists in the world,” Kusum tells us with a smile on her face.
Drashti earned Rs 3, 15, 000 for Kusum. She feels this money has relieved her financial burdens. “There has been an improvement. I don't have to toil as much as I once did. My children have graduated from standard 9 to 10 after Mission Sapne. I could not support them after std. 9, but thanks to Colors and Drashti, I can now support them. I have put all my money in fixed deposit and have also invested it in my children's education,” Kusum tells us.
It’s a different life for her now. “Now, I am a source of inspiration and hope for people. The fact that a blind woman like me can go for a show on Colors gives them hope,” she concludes.

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