Let The Games Begin! #CAS
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If you are interested in history and you like competitive sport then you cannot miss today's episode of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. It is the first day of the much awaited contest among the three highly qualified competitors Ashoka, Sushim and Siamak to win the sword and the games have just begun! We think all three have a good chance of winning this sport and we even gave you reasons as to why we said so right here!

Chanakya explains the game which is called ‘Loh Khel’. Ashoka walks towards Bindusara and seeks his blessings. The games begin and Shiamak and Ashoka are ahead of the rest but suddenly evil Sushim comes from behind and pushes Ashoka in the pit. Siamak sees this and rushes to help Ashoka but he tells Shiamak to go ahead and win the race.

Moving forward Sushim falls over a trap and a rope pulls him hanging up from the tree. Sushim asks Shiamak to help but he refuses saying it’s a competition and can't help him. Ashoka reaches the spot and offers Sushim help but Sushim being a snob refuses to take any help from Ashoka. Ashoka then smiles and leaves.

Will Ashoka be able to win the race? Or will Sushim cheat and win?

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