Lazy Vishal gets a stretcher to relax in!
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  • December 9, 2012
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Vishal Karwal came in as a wild card entrant in the Bigg Boss house. It's been a few weeks since the ex splitsvilla winner has entered the house. The handsome hunk has got to experience the best of both in terms of living in the main house as well as the padosi house. One thing that hasn't changed as far as Vishal is concerned is his favorite pose – lying down on the sunbathing easy chair.

Vishal was always mocked and sometimes criticized for being rather lethargic most of the time. While Vishal loves to gym and maintain his physique, he also loves to pass his time by lying down and chatting up with the other housemates as often as possible. Bigg Boss had decided to teach Mr. lazy a lesson.

Bigg Boss sends in a stretcher inside the house for Vishal and makes it mandatory for him to be placed on it till his next instruction. If Vishal needs to move about he has to seek the other housemates for help every single time. Vishal was a little taken aback by this but the rest of the housemates found it rather amusing to see the lazy guy on a stretcher. Nirahua and Santosh have been the most cordial in helping Vishal move about.

Well, Bigg Boss makes sure that nobody takes him lightly and gets his message across with pun or pressure intended. Will Vishal learn his lesson or go back to being the lazy guy?

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