Lauren is very very saree!
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Lauren Gottlieb, or ‘Lauren from foreign’ as she is lovingly called by Manish, has Indianized herself to a great extent during her stay in the country. She understands the judges’ Hindi comments, laughs at Kapil’s Hindi jokes and even lip syncs perfectly to Hindi songs! But the ‘Filmy Masala’ theme was a test of how desi this girl really is. Why? Because she had to wear a saree for the first time in her life!

For the ‘Filmy Masala’ week, Lauren and Punit chose to recreate the quintessential Bollywood situation- a romantic rain song, performed on the song ‘Jaane Do Na’. And what rain song is complete without the heroine being dressed in a drenched and flimsy saree? So Lauren had to not only wear a saree, but also do some killer moves in it!

Now as all of us know, the saree, though a beautiful garment, is not the easiest to drape or to move around in. So Step 1 for Punit was to get Lauren to learn how to drape a saree and get used to dancing in the yards and yards of fabric. And Lauren, who is determined to make it in Bollywood, took up the challenge like a pro.

Lauren not only wore the saree, but also called upon her inner Hindi film actress and did the romantic song like a pro. Says Lauren, “This is the first time that I had to wear a saree, but I’m here to prove myself as an actress in Bollywood so it’s a huge thing for me.”

So this week in Jhalak will see Lauren transform from a Videshi mem to a desi girl, and we’re sure that she’ll set the stage on fire with her rain soaked act. Let’s see if her act makes all the other contestants feel ‘saree’ for themselves! 

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To watch a sneak peek into Lauren’s act, click here.

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