Laughter and tears galore in the Bigg Boss house!
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  • November 28, 2013
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Tears, laughter, frustrations, anger, the Bigg Boss house has seen it all. But this week, the emotions inside the house are at an all-time high, especially when friends and family members of the contestants pay the contestants a surprise visit. Kicking off the day, Bigg Boss announces a special task, the ‘Remote Control’ task, giving the housemates a unique chance to earn extra points. Bigg Boss further announces that whenever he gives instructions of ‘Pause’, the contestants will have to stop whatever they are doing and freeze till he releases them by saying ‘Play’. 

As a part of the task, Andy’s mother, Kamya’s mother, Sangram’s girlfriend Payal Rohatgi and fellow wrestler friend Yogeshwar, Gauahar’s sister Nigaar Khan and Dolly Bindra visit them. When the contestants’ relatives and friends enter the house, the contestants are seen rejoicing, but only for few seconds because the first glimpse is all that Bigg Boss allows before commanding everyone to ‘Pause’. But this Pause has no effect on the housemates’ tears as they continued to flow freely from their eyes upon seeing the care and tenderness of their loved ones. Will seeing their loved ones after 10 weeks inside the Bigg Boss house change the way the contestants think? 

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