Laddoo and his ghost friend enter Premlata and Roopa’s bodies on ‘Belan Wali Bahu.’
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In a new story this week, Laddoo meets his old friend Mahesh who is also a ghost like him. Roopa initially faints to know about Mahesh from Laddoo, as the former isn’t visible to her like Laddoo. Later Roopa even complains Laddoo for not spending enough time with her but Mahesh.





Mahesh tells Laddoo that all the wives are like Roopa, always complaining. Mahesh even scares the ‘Awasthi family’ with his special powers, but also saves them from chota sajan. Roopa once again tells Laddoo that because of Mahesh everyone in the family is scared, and this makes Mahesh feel bad.






After a series of events where Mahesh realizes that Roopa is always talking negative about him. He decides to teach her a lesson by entering her body. Next day on wards the family members get shocked to see Roopa’s rude behavior towards them. Mahesh does so that the family members start hating Roopa, but Laddo decides he wouldn’t let that happen.





Mahesh being in Roopa’s body creates a situation wherein the family members are forced to ask Roopa to leave the house. Just then Laddoo gets inside Premlata’s body and tries to stop Roopa.



What happens after that?



To know watch Belan Wali Bahu Mon-Fri at 10:30 PM.

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