Ladai Ghar-Ghar ki!
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  • December 17, 2013
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Ajaz and Andy are known to be loud mouths and are contestants who love to blow their own trumpet. Ajaz’s unwillingness to do work has always been an issue for the housemates. But following Kamya’s untimely exit owing to his misdemeanor, Ajaz for the first time ever proactively decides to clean the bathroom area till its spick and span. 


After he is done with his cleaning, he brags in front of the camera about his achievement in Andy’s presence. But Ajaz goes a little overboard and claims that he is the only person in the house who gives his 100 percent to household chores and there is no one who matches up to him. Ajaz’s remarks annoy Andy who tries to defend everybody and puts his point across.


He tells Ajaz that he has no right to point fingers at anyone in the house because he has hardly puts any efforts in the household work over the weeks. He further points out that this is one of few the instances wherein he has completed his work without cribbing. Ajaz and Andy continue to bicker even further as they move their fight to the living room. In fact, Andy is even seen complaining to Tanishaa about Ajaz’s attitude and how he cannot always get away with shirking work. 


With Ajaz not being in the good books of most of the contestants, will he be able to survive in the competitive environment or will he be the next one to be evicted? 

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