Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani: Will Ammaji’s moves bring danger to Anushka?
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After whatever happened with Revati, Ammaji will set on a new journey this week.



In the last episode Balwant gets shocked to see Ammaji who ruled Veerpur 20 years back. Ammaji will resolve to end all the evil happening in Balwant’s Lanka.





Ammaji will also encounter Anushka, she will be stunned to see her and ask her to leave the place however Anushka would refuse.



On the other side Rantej will arrive to Veerpur with Sheru who is Revati’s molester and announce that Revati will dance for him that night. Anushka will get to know about the whole thing and inform Yuvraj that Sheru is Revati’s culprit. Yuvraj would set out searching for him. Anushka will also help Yuvraj in finding Sheru, in the meanwhile Rantej will get to know that Yuvraj is hunting for Sheru.





Revati will go missing and Ammaji would eventually find her on a cliff trying to commit suicide.



Finally Sheru would be caught by Ammaji and she would do justice by making him go blind!





But will Revati get saved? And why will Ammaji’s trust on Anushka get shaken? Will Anushka have to bear the brunt by Ammaji’s enemies?



Watch in the episodes this week!



Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani Mon-Fri at 9:30 PM!

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