Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani: Anushka breaks all ties with Ammaji!
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This week on Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani, we will witness Ammaji arriving in Chaudhary haveli to get Anushka back. Yuvraj makes Anushka dance in front of all and Ammaji gets horrified looking at this site! But more shocking is the fact that Anushka decides to break off all ties with her grandmother. Ammaji is unable to bear this that all the ties between her and Anushka are broken.





In the meanwhile Malhari and Rajjo have fun at the expense of Anushka. Ammaji devices a plan and sends out Chunki to the haveli to keep an eye on Anushka. Balwant utilizes the opportunity and leches at Anushka.



Anushka goes through unending sufferings in the haveli. At one of the instances Malhari comes and burns Anushka’s hands. Ammaji gets enraged after she hears it from Chunki. When Anushka tells this to Yuvraj he doesn’t believe in her in fact Meera is asked to prove Anushka a liar in front of everyone. Meera laters apologizes to Anushka saying she was forced to do so or else they would have been punished.





Balwant tries to grope Anushka but she resists. Anushka gets shocked to know that Malhari is trying to cover up for her husband rather Malhari tells Yuvraj that Anushka is trying to break their family.





Ammaji prepares herself to get back at Chaudharies.





You will have to watch the episodes to know what happens next!


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