Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani: Ammaji returns to Veerpur after 20 years, resolves to make it a place that her late granddaughter always thought it was!
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Ammaji being one strong lady showed her immense composure and strength after knowing that she has lost her adorable granddaughter, Janvi. She didn’t shed a single tear.





Within moments she realized that it was all because of her own karmas in past that made Janvi bear the brunt.





Ammaji on her way to Veerpur stops by the bank of the same river where Janvi’s body was found. Remembering her darling granddaughter she determines she will eradicate all the evil from the land and make it a place that Janvi always thought it was.



Last episode we saw she already encountered Rantej. This week we will also see how she digs in the soil and takes out the riffle firing in air with a burning determination to uproot the evil deeds happening in Veerpur. She not only resolves to avenge Janvi’s death but also determines that the women in the village get their rights and all the ongoing torments on them stop.





Ammaji without wasting much time starts investigating about the culprits behind Janvi’s death. She encounters Dhumal. Balwant Chaudhry gets to know Ammaji is living in Gareebpur. Dhumal has connections with Balwant Chaudhry, the latter gives him ultimatum to hand over Ammaji to him.



The story of Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani is taking an interesting turn!



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