Kya Khoya Kya Paaya?
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The days begins with a bang and the housemates awake to the song ‘Rangeela re’,filled with motivation and energy. As the housemates are preparing for breakfast, Imam feels hungry and finds a little Christmas goodie and consumes most of it. Seeing Imam leaving very little for the rest, all the housemates get irritated. Niketan tells Imam that he should have been a little considerate and thought about the other contestants too when Imam snaps back at him and tells him that there have been times when others have not been considerate about him.

Urvashi then goes out and tells everyone that they should all let Imam be and they should boycott him which will get him back on track. Soon after Urvashi starts imitating Imam and talks about how he portrays double standards in the house. Imam does dark make up to portray that he is angry and goes to the dining area and tries to scare each one of the housemates. 

Soon, Bigg Boss sends in the task – ‘Kya Dhoya Kya Paya’ and takes away the basic amenities from house. They wash a particular amount of clothes in order to win the amenities back. After reading the task letter, the entire house prepares to do the task and Imam goes and apologizes to Urvashi for the brawl he had with the housemates in the morning. Post this, Imam has an argument with Rajev after which he decides that he will now turn the tables and irritate the housemates on purpose while inspecting the task. Soon he goes out with the same motive when the other contestants ward him off. He goes to his room and sleeps when Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Imam will now be an active participant in the house and in the task.

While all the other housemates are doing their tasks, Niketan and Rajev end up arguing over the task. Rajev yells, while Niketan walks away and goes inside and tells Urvashi that Rajev has lost the plot with Sapna appealing for calm. As the day passes, since the housemates do not have gas, the girls make a salad for the entire house. Since Imam has been ordered by Bigg Boss to stay out till the task ends, Delnaz comes and calls all for dinner but asks Imam to stay. Imam gets irritated at this and just when Delnaz brings dinner for him, he asks Delnaz to stay away saying he would never want to talk to her. 

As the day ends, Delnaz and Imam are seen making peace with each other. As soon as Imam goes away, Delnaz tells Sana that she does not understand Imam when Sana tells her that he is a nice man but that he is misunderstood since he is too eccentric.

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