Kya hai Vishal ka game plan?

Kya hai Vishal ka game plan?

big boss 13 Vishal- The BB Rakshas task is on in full swing and the housemates are looking for ways to put forth their best move. With so much chaos, the housemates are busy focusing on each person's move. Tonight, Sidharth Shukla will be seen planning his strategy along with the newbie - Vishal Aditya Singh. The housemates aren't sure about which team he belongs to and Sidharth is taking full advantage of this. He plots a game plan with him and asks him to pick sides too. He advises him to play his game in a clean manner and take a stand for himself instead of trying to be on both sides at the same time. Asim warns Sidharth that they shouldn't leave everything to Vishal and should also give him and Arhaan a chance to compete.  Shefali and Shehnaz discuss the doubts they have on Vishal and how they don't trust him at all. Taking advantage of the crack developed in Sidharth and Asim's friendship,  Arhaan, Devoleena, and Rashami discuss how they should take advantage of it and create a rift between them. Will Vishal completely follow it? The housemates, on the other hand, aren't very sure of his moves either. Watch Big Boss 13 on Colorstv.




There's never a dull day with Bhau in the house! This time, he is making the housemates laugh like never before by narrating his fart story. Between all the stress revolving around the tasks, trust Bhau to be everybody's cheerleader!






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