Kya hai aakhir Sitaara ki kahaani?
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Sitaara, ek vishkanya ki kahaani is not only intriguing but also one to stay on your mind for a long time. It kick starts with a story of 4 sisters. Vrinda, one of them has rescued the other 3 sisters with an aim to destroy the king’s family. However, to do this, she has to cross 7 doors that are shut with Rajguru’s power. Around now is when Sitaara is introduced and she enters the living area of a palace where the King’s family is present. The prince has brought gifts for the King and Queen from Germany which is unintentionally broken by Sitaara. She is seen trying to escape from there. Everyone starts asking her who she is.





Now, the four vishkanyas are free to attack them but Kuldeep, Sitaara’s father, and Rajguru manage the situation well. Here, we come to know of Kuldeep and Vrinda relation which is of a husband and wife. Rajguru says that Vrinda’s daughter has been killed 20 years ago. This triggers Vrinda's anger even more and says that her daughter can’t die.


Going forward, Sitaara finds out that Kuldeep was a Senior Senapati for the royal family. On questioning him, a worried Kuldeep starts yelling at her! Later, on their way home, they see Chanda’s mother crying out loud because Chanda was taken away by the Vishkanya’s and would never return. Sitaara says she found Chanda’s accessories. Kuldeep is scared when Chanda’s mother says that these Vishkanyas would take Sitaara too. What is the reason of his worry? Will Kuldeep be able to save Sitaara? Tune in to Sitaara: Ek Vishkanya ki Kahaani from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm.






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