Kushal’s Bigg leap!
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A brand new twist in the Bigg Boss house has left all the inmates tongue-tied. During the luxury budget task ‘Bigg Box’, selected housemates were made to survive in a small box while other housemates had to instigate them to come out of the box.

When Tanisha was sitting inside the box, Kushal took it upon himself to try to irritate her. As a result of the constant pokes and jibes, Tanisha got infuriated and came out of the box while slightly nudging him.

Kushal did not appreciate Tanisha’s attitude and got upset with her act. But she repeatedly kept edging him on and mocking him. Soon, Kushal lost his cool and called Tanisha a flop actress and a black mark on her family considering she never succeeded in her career. Choosing to ignore Kushal's comments, Tanisha chose walk off.

But Kushal was appalled by Tanisha’s arrogance and behavior and demanded for some action to be taken against her. He told Bigg Boss that on failing to do so he will not care about the rules and would escape from the house.

Later, at mid-night, when Kushal awaited a decision to be taken by the Bigg Boss, he decided to pack his bags and leave. He climbed up the wall of the house with the aid of few chairs.

Gauahar upset with KUshal


Gauahar and other housemates tried to stop him but in his anger, Kushal chose to ignore them. Gauahar even burst into tears and pleaded Kushal to come down, but all these efforts were in vain.
Kushal didn't even pay heed to Bigg Boss's warning, and jumped off the wall.

Watch a sneak peek of Kushal's Bigg Leap here!

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