Kushal-Gauahar Break Ties with Ajaz!
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  • December 18, 2013
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It’s a well-known fact that Ajaz has been harbouring feelings for Gauahar aka ‘Khan Saab’ ever since he first set foot inside the house. He has always seen green when Kushal and Gauahar are spending a quiet moment together and has rejoiced when they have fought. 

When another fight erupts between Kushal and Gauahar during the task, Ajaz speaks up on Gauahar’s behalf and fights with Kushal for troubling her and making her cry. Not appreciating the interference, Kushal tells Ajaz off and asks him to mind his own business. However, not one to back off, Ajaz taunts Kushal and asks him to treat Gauahar well. 

Kushal also speaks to Gauahar about the issue and she yells at Ajaz asking him to stay away from her personal matters. She also tells him that she does not need a friend like him in her life. Feeling hurt, Ajaz tells Kushal that he will ensure that he gets his revenge and showcase his game spirit. United at last, Kushal and Gauahar ask Ajaz to stop intruding in their personal space. 


Is this fight a long-term issue? Will Ajaz and Gauahar ever become friends again? 

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