Kushal and Gauahar’s romantic date!
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When Kushal wished for Gauahar in the wishing wall, little did he imagine that Bigg Boss would actually fulfill his request! That’s right, Kushal and Gauahar will be given a chance by Bigg Boss to go on a romantic dinner date.


Kushal and Gauahar’s romantic date!



Kushal was playfully dared by Gauahar about taking her name in front of the Wishing Wall, and Kushal did it. Instead of impressing Gauahar, it amused her and Kushal got angry when she made fun of him. But looks like his efforts have paid off, and we’re sure he’ll be thrilled when Bigg Boss announces that a sweet date has been arranged for the two. 


Kushal and Gauahar’s romantic date!

Gauahar and Kushal will get ready and proceed to the date, where they will have a great time. Kushal, who has heavily hinted that he likes Gauahar, will whisper sweet nothings and corny pick up lines to Gauahar, which will definitely entertain her.


Kushal and Gauahar’s romantic date!



But trust Bigg Boss to introduce a twist in this romantic tale. Bigg Boss will make Andy pay the price for this date by asking him to keep all his clothes in the store room. If he doesn’t agree to it, Kushal’s wish will not be fulfilled. 


Like they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. And now, Kushal’s wish is going to be Andy’s curse as he sacrifices to let the lovebirds spend some quality time together!

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