Kushal and Gauahar declare their love! BB7 Synopsis Day 77
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This week’s luxury budget task ‘Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na’ seems to have created a lot of differences among the housemates. Early morning, Sofia and Kamya decide patch up while Kamya swears that she will never forgive Andy.  

Andy hints at the captaincy nominations while he is having a conversation with Tanishaa in the kitchen area while Gauahar chooses to ignore him. After Gauahar has left, Andy tells Tanisha that the housemates will never vote for him to be the next captain as they want to see him out of the house. Tanisha asks him to be optimistic and tries to calm him down. On the other hand, Armaan and Ajaz engage in a conversation about Sofia where they decide to maintain a distance from her because of her two faced attitude. 

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to come up with two names who have been the best performers in the task. The selected people should also be ones who have actively participated in the house work. Kamya decides to play a trick and tries to influence the housemates to vote for Gauahar. She successfully manages to manipulate Sofia and Ajaz. The voting commences and there is a tie between Andy and Gauahar. Bigg Boss then decides to introduce another task as a tie- breaker.Andy and Gauahar inside the pool during the chyawanprash task



For the task, Gauahar and Andy are required to take a plunge into the swimming pool wherein 65 bottles of chyawanprash of different flavours were placed on the floor of the swimming pool. Both Andy and Gauahar will be required to collect as many bottles as possible and throw them in the boxes that were kept near the pool. Each of them is allowed to choose one partner who will help them to put the bottles in the box. The person who collects the maximum number of the bottles will become the new captain of the house. While Kamya and team cheer for Gauahar, Andy gets support from Tanisha and Sangram. 


Later Bigg Boss announces another quick task for Gauahar, Andy, Ajaz and Kushal named Kisko Pyaar Karu wherein Ajaz and Kushal have to impress Gauahar with their charm. Andy is asked to be the host of the task and make it more interesting for the housemates. Ajaz is the first one to try his luck and sings a romantic song for Gauahar.Ajaz in the task


After Ajaz its Kushal’s turn who leaves everybody shell shocked by confessing his love for Gauahar and make it official in front of the world. He tells Gauahar that he wishes to grow old with her, listening to which Gauahar breaks into tears. In the second round, Ajaz fails to answer questions related to Gauahar’s likes and dislikes, while it was a cake walk for Kushal. Kushal in the task

As a part of the third and the last round, Kushal and Ajaz both get to go on date with Gauhar where she appreciates Ajaz for his loving nature. In the end, she announces Kushal to be the winner of the task and also adds that it’s a wonderful feeling to be meeting a stranger on a show and falling in love with him.Gauahar gets emotional

While Kushal and Gauahar are a happy couple now, Ajaz sulks over losing Gauahar to Kushal.

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