Kunal faces the biggest dilemma # Parichay: Weekly Recap, 26th Feb- 4th Mar
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Last week Parichay began with a funny repartee between Siddhi and Kunal after Kunal reads Siddhi’s personal diary clandestinely but Siddhi catches him red handed.

The banter is carried forward to the breakfast table, albeit it becomes a little intense when Siddhi tries to indulge everyone in re-furnishing the house without spending money. Kunal doesn’t like Siddhi’s idea and leaves.

Kunal thinks about the challenge he has given to Siddhi as he waits outside the office of a famous Brand Manager, Tisca. He asks her to promote him on television without any fees. Tisca questions him and asks why she should do that when Kunal tells her about four cases pending against her company and how he can fight it for them. Tisca agrees instantly.

Kunal reaches home and gets a surprise. Siddhi tells him how she engaged everyone with the refurnishing of the house without spending a dime. And, Kunal surprises everyone by showing his exclusive interview on television.

Everyone except Siddhi looks ecstatic about Kunal’s fame. Kunal asks Siddhi if she is not happy about his popularity and Siddhi lectures him about his ethics and principles. Kunal promises Siddhi that he would never do anything that would hurt Siddhi.

Suddenly, Kunal gets a call from the assistant of a film star who wants to hire Kunal to fight his case. Kunal reaches their office and gets to know that film star Aman has been booked under a hit and run case, where several pedestrians were killed.

Kunal gets into a fix seeing the amount offered to him and seeks Mukherjee’s opinion when he gets an invitation to attend the film star’s house party. Kunal goes to the party while the whole family waits for him. In the party Aman discusses the case with him and asks Kunal if he can win the case. Kunal, who seems confused, assures Aman that they would win the case. The film star offers a cheque of 50 lakh rupees to Kunal.

Next morning, Kunal reaches home in the morning and looks tensed. Siddhi gets tensed to see his picture with Aman in the newspaper. In a while, Kunal starts getting calls from journalists and reporters come to interview him. This upsets the family and Siddhi even more. Siddhi tries to talk to Kunal who just walks away.

In a while an old lady whose son was killed by Aman Kumar walks inside the Chopra house. She pleads in front of Kunal to not to fight the case for the film star. Kunal feels troubled and leaves to meet Aman Kumar. He demands to know the truth from the star himself. 

Back home, everybody discusses how Kunal is fighting the case for money when Kunal arrives. Kunal warns the family not to interfere as he is just fighting the case; it’s the judge who will give the verdict. Siddhi lectures Kunal again, but he doesn’t listen to her.

At Aman Kunar’s office, his assistant tells him that Kunal did not deposit the cheque and they get suspicious. Aman Kumar enquires about Kunal’s background and career and tells his assistants to keep an eye on him lest he flips.

Will Kunal fight the case to buy happiness for his family? Do you think he will compromise with his principles and conscious? Share your views with us in the comments section below.


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