Kunal compels Siddhi to meet him! Weekly Recap 31st Jan- 5th Feb
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Looks like happiness has finally opened its doors for the Chopra family and things are falling into place for Siddhi and Kunal albeit they haven’t met each other since Siddhi’s bandages had opened. 
In the beginning of the week, seeing Gaurav in despair Kunal steps in to help him. He plans to rope in Raj to dupe the three men who betrayed Gaurav. Raj undergoes an image makeover as a suave, rich and flamboyant middle aged gentleman. Watch how the father son trio played the Spanish Prisoner. The three men then return home happy and narrate the entire incident to Veena and Seema, who heave a sigh of relief and feel relaxed. 
Just when everything looks fine, Kunal tells Veena that he wants to go and meet Siddhi. Veena forbids Kunal from meeting Siddhi on the pretext of a fast that she has kept for Siddhi’s well being. Kunal rubbishes her orthodox beliefs and coaxes Veena but Veena doesn’t budge an inch. Later when Siddhi calls up, Kunal expresses his wish to meet her but she also resists saying that she has kept a fast and won’t be able to meet him till she gets better. 
After several failed efforts to convince both Veena and Siddhi, Gaurav and Raj jump in to help Kunal. They try and cajole Veena, while Kunal eavesdrops. After much persistence Veena finally tells them that it’s not her but Siddhi’s wish to keep Kunal away from her as she has disfigured her face after the accident. 

Kunal tells Veena that a mere accident can’t bog him down. He then makes a plan and asks Gaurav, Veena and Raj to be a part of it. Three of them show reluctance but after much pleading they agree to do it for Kunal. 
Next day, the nurse gets the food and a bouquet of flowers with a letter. Siddhi reads the letter and finds out that Kunal has agreed to stay away from her but is also blaming his mother for being insensitive and adamant about the whole ‘Vrat’ drama. 
Back home Veena gets jittery about the whole act that she is required to pull-off for Kunal’s sake, while Raj and Seema make fun of her and tell her to rehearse well. As they reach hospital Veena fumbles and requests Siddhi to speak to Kunal once clarifying everything. Siddhi gently refuses to come between mother and son and encourages Veena to peruse Kunal. 
After another failed attempt, Kunal switches to plan B. He tells Anand and Andy to go to the hospital and complain about Kunal’s unruly behavior to Siddhi. The kids do the same and tell Siddhi that they can’t stay with their father anymore. Raj also joins in and tells her that the family needs her support to get Kunal back on the track.
Will the circumstances created by Kunal compel Siddhi to meet him? How will Kunal react after seeing Siddhi’s face? We will update you next week.



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