Kuku is back in RK’s life!
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  • September 4, 2013
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RK is fuming in anger after what has happened, Madhu is trying to mellow down his anger but all her efforts go in vain. He tells Bittoo to give back the signing amount. On the other side Amar behl is also furious; in rage he calls all the producers and is planning to formally write a letter to Producers Associations of Índia (PAI) to ban RK from the industry. All the producers are not really convinced with Amar behl though they are a little skeptical about signing it seems with the new president appointed things won’t be that easy. Though the new president who is Kukuji promises the producers that he won’t mix up his personal and professional life, it doesn’t come out to be the same. Later it is seen that both Kukuji and Amar Behl join hands and decide to spoil RK’s career. Here Madhu is back to her normal routine and with much enthusiasm gets to her household choir. With all that cleaning and renovation stuff happening, Radha feels as a commanding mother-in-law. While they all are having their fun family time enters Kukuji, everyone is shocked to see him, but RK being his usual self doesn’t miss an opportunity to taunt his not so doting dad. Madhu asks RK not to be rude, but that what makes Kukuji feels at home.

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