Kuanl and Siddhi come closer! Weekly Recap (19th-25th December)
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As soon as Siddhi and Anand (Diwan) join the Chopra family, she decides to start afresh much to the housemates objection. Even Kunal warns her not to get involved with him. Concerned kids, in order to bring their parents closer, lie to their father. Kunal returns home, only to find out that it was a ploy and taunts Siddhi for being a bad influence. 

After the allegations of being a bad mother, Siddhi feels determined to reveal the truth behind her forced marriage to Abhay and follows him despite Kunal’s disinterest.  (Watch their intense conversation in this video)

Post their conversation, Kunal feels helpless and decides to give her another chance and goes back to Anand (Diwan) to clarify. Perturbed by Kunal’s questions, Anand denies Siddhi’s statements and asserts that Abhay loves him more than anyone in this world. (Watch the video now!)

Siddhi pleads to be believed; Kunal dismisses her and asks her to leave the house. Suddenly Abhay Diwan arrives at the Chopra house and requests to meet Anand (Diwan). Kunal turns his request down, but Abhay tells him that it was Siddhi who had phoned him about Anand’s bad health. Kunal storms out in fury and Abhay makes fun of Siddhi’s choice. To know what happened next, watch the video.

Both the Anands get into an argument, where the elder one criticizes Abhay and the other one supports him. Just as Anand (Diwan) decides to leave the house to be with Abhay, he notices Abhay misbehaving with Siddhi and feels horrified. Anand (Diwan) apologizes to his mother and takes up the responsibility to reunite Siddhi and Kuanl. (Watch Anand’s reaction to Abahy’s wicked side)

Kunal returns home and mistakes Siddhi for Anand (Chopra) and sleeps with her, holding her hand tightly. Click here and watch the romance in disguise between the two! 

Post Kunal and Siddhi’s romantic stupor, all the kids decide to go for the shopping. As they leave, Abhay arrives at Chopra house, this time with gifts for his wife and son Anand. He leaves after Chopras request him to abide by courts orders for six months and do whatever he wants to afterwards.

At the shopping mall goons attack Siddhi and Kunal drops his ego and rushes to save her. Siddhi demands an explanation from Kunal for saving her, when they get to know that Anand (Diwan) has been shot. Both rush him to the hospital and extend emotional support to each-other but decide to separate as their coming together has always brought troubles to the family. 

In the hospital, Doctors demand a huge sum for Anand’s surgery. While Kunal is worried about it, Abhay reaches the hospital and mocks him for not having enough money to save his own son. Kunal ignores Abahy and goes to the fight club to save his son’s life. Watch the confrontation between the trio in this video.

Will Abahy be successful in separating Siddhi and Anand from Kunal yet again? Well, we will tell you next week!


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