KT shows a change of heart towards Gautam!
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  • January 27, 2015
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It was a beautiful morning as I peeped in just to find Gauti humming songs and making some nice breakfast for his buddies in the house. He was seen so involved in making breakfast for everyone as if this was the most favorite pastime for him ever. He kept making different delicacies for all and called them turn by turn. 


Karishma loved the breakfast and told everyone how Upen, while leaving the house, had asked her to learn to make some delicacies from Gautam. Ahem! I wonder what the reason could be for KT's change of heart towards Gauti. Also, if it is genuine or just a masterplan for the finale week? I almost died when KT mentioned she would want to meet Gautam once they were out and also asked about his address! I mean really? She would visit his frenemy? Well, another angle could be the duo being in the same team? Just sayin! 




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