KRK creates confusion #Madhubala 30th December 2013
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Madhu finds RK in the room and refers him to be his god when Bittoo calls. Madhu over hears that RK has a night shoot. She is surprised as he left way before the shoot timings. Havan is about to start when RK enters the hall saying phone call is over and hands over the pooja samagri to pandit which was left outside. Pooja starts when pandit starts coughing and unable to chant the mantras. When some one starts chanting, every one turns to see RK folded hands and chanting the mantras. His shirt is pulled down and we can see the mauli tied in his hand which proves that its KRK and not RK. The havan kund catches fire and the light goes off. RK enters and asks everyone why the lights have gone off. All surprised, RK tells them he jsut entered and denies doing any havan with them and tells them he wasn't at the mandir as well. Lights come in where we see a picture of RK and madhu with RK's face crossed and KRK written on it. Madhu asks what's happening and who is this KRK. Bittoo gets the CCTV footage and they all shocked to see KRK and the similarity of him with RK. At night Madhu is unable to sleep and asks RK what song played when they had gone for karwa chauth at the studio. RK replies and smiles. Madhu relieved rests her head on RK. A huge bouquet of flowers arrive for RK which Bittoo asks Siki not to touch.

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