KRK challenges RK #Madhubala 1st January 2014
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  • January 2, 2014
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Bhujang is happy to see the money and gives 2 lakhs to KRK. KRK is happy to get the money and then Bhujang tells him that he will make him meet his other partner in crime. RK complains to police about KRK taking away the money. Bhujang makes KRK meet Kukuji who is helping them with internal information. Kuku is surprised with KRK's resemblence to RK. Everybody at RK mansion is trying to figure out KRK's weakness when Radha says that she tied him yellow thread at mandir, Madhu adds that he got thoughtful when Radha was tying him dhaga which means that he is emotional about his mother and also he is religious as he was chantnig mantra on the other side KRK apologises to his mother for not making it to her birthday. Madhu  goes up to RK who tells her that last ganpati Madhu had asked him which dhaga he wants but he never replied.  Madhu says but next day when he was shot, RK was wearing the dhaga. she has tears in her eyes. Both RK and Madhu are emotional when KRK calls and challenges RK that before 12 he will be in the house and he won't be able to do anything.

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