KRK and RK face off #Madhubala 6th January 2014
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  • January 7, 2014
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In press conference RK is provoking KRK to come out. KRK fuming with anger breaks the TV and asks RK to come to filmistan studio at 5 pm alone to meet and introduces himself as KRK. RK fills money in a suit case and leaves, meanwhile Madhu is worried and asks him to take the police along. However, Rk leaves angry alone.

Radha and the rest of the family are worried and call the inspector. On the other hand, Bhujang and Kukku prepare a syringe for KRK to attack on RK. Kuku is little doubtful about KRK being able to perform the task. Rk and KRK both reach the studio and stand face to face.

Rk gives the money suitcase to KRK and asks him to go away with money while Kuku and Bhujang watch everything on camera. KRK keeps the money down saying that he hasn't come for money. RK is suprised and frowns.

KRK says that his parents were better off unlike RK's father who has illegitimate kids. This angers RK. Kuku and Bhujang who are watching this confrontation on monitor frown. RK holds KRK's collar in anger, KRK says he felt the same when RK spoke badly about his poverty and parents badly.

Finally KRK before leaving urges to hug RK and takes out syringe. Will KRK manage to infect RK? Watch this space to know more. 



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