Kritika and Ranbir fight again!
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On Kasam this week, Kritika gets call from Jiya and she leaves her interview as Pammi asked her to reach Ghatkopar club. On reaching the venue, Kritika gets to know that Ranbir is coming there too as a chief judge. When they face each other, they end up fighting. Meanwhile, Ishani asks Kritika to talk good about the most important person in her life and Kritika answers saying that a mother is most important as her love is unconditional.


Salita tries to seduce him but Ranbir shrugs her off and gives her sarcastic earful. Kritika sees this and they get into a fight again. Ranbir assumes Kritika to be Ishani and plans to take revenge when she comes to stage. While the pageant is on, Kritika receives call from lawyer asking her to join his boss and offers her an internship and Kritika gets happy. This is how Ranbir gets to know her name.





After Ishani winning the competition, there is a small celebration at home.  The next morning Ashok spots Kritika and can’t take his eyes off from her. Ashok meets Arun and tells him to start paying his debt. Pammi cannot tolerate his nonsense tells him they will pay entire sum by the end of month. Pammi yells at Arun and takes out all her frustration on Kritika, who eventually tells her that she has got the job. During this scenario, Kritika and Ranbir cross each other’s paths at kali mandir and feel a connection. They go to temple and see flashbacks of their past. What happens next? Wait for it!




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