Krisndasi Spoiler: Aradhya to wed Aryan?
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Kumudini on waking up in the hospital is given the news by Tulsi that she has been named the second ‘panch’ of Krishnvati as she received the second highest votes during the elections. Excited with the turn of events, Kumudini decides to pay a visit the Krishna mandir to offer her prayers and also to celebrate the occasion of Mahashivratri.

Gayatri who is really excited at the prospect of introducing the perfect partner for Aryan to Pradyumn asks Gayatri to get Aradhya to the temple. Aradhya who is already present at the temple is seen mopping the temple floor. To teach Aradhya a lesson, Munim decides to add some medicine to Aradhya’s charnamrit so that she loses all self-control and misbehaves in public. Aryan on finding out decides to drink the charnamrit himself and ends up going to the hospital.  Markand who is also present at the Krishna mandir mistakes the teertham for bhang and ends up drinking it all; only to replace it later with the actual bhang mixture. Kumudini and Pradyumn on drinking the mixture unknowingly lose all self control and end up fighting with each other, with Kumudini even going to the extent of making fun of Pradyumn.

Unaware of Aradhya’s parentage and lineage, Pavitra has already chosen Aradhya to be the perfect match for her son Aryan. Will Pradyumn find out about Aradhya’s krishnadsi lineage and accept her into his household or will this new revelation bring more trouble for Aradhya’s family?

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