Krishndasi Spoiler: Aradhya to find out about her real father?
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Aryan helped unite Aradhya with her family after he got the drunken Govardhan to reveal Aradhya’s location. Aradhya, on the other hand, on seeing Aryan with Govardhan in the factory where she was held captive mistook Aryan to be the one behind her kidnapping.

Things certainly don’t seem to be going in the right direction for the two. Aryan and Aradhya who started off as friends have seen their relationship turn sour over the last few weeks. As though it wasn’t enough that two held grudges against each other because of their family history that now misunderstanding as trivial as this has put a bigger wedge between them. Aryan even went to the extent of accusing Aradhya’s mother of having an illicit relationship with his father. With such animosity in the air, it’s highly unlikely that the two will be coming to a truce any time soon.

Things are definitely going to take a u-turn in Krishnavati in this week as both Pradyumn and Kumudini will be seen contesting for the elections for the post of sarpanch. While Aradhya will be seen standing for her grandmother and pitching for her candidacy door-to-door, Aryan on the other side will be seen aggressively campaigning in Krishnvati for Pradyumn.

Aradhya who only a few weeks ago found out about her krishndasi lineage is in for another shock when the woman who nursed her mother in the hospital reveals to Kumudini about Aradhya’s father’s record being in the hospital.

Aradhya who has been always curious about her parentage will be seen rummaging through the office records in a hope to find her real father. Will Aradhya be able to find out her real father’s name or will Kumudini and Tulsi stop her before she gets to the bottom of it? Who among Pradyumn and Kumudini will win the title of sarpanch?

Stay tuned Monday to Friday, 9PM to know more.

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