Krishndasi Spoiler: Aradhya finds the truth about her mother’s past!
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Kumudini and Tulsi have hidden from Aradhya that they two are devdasis. After 21 years, they return to the town of Krishnvasti and are invited by villagers to perform at Tambre’s daughter’s marriage. Initially a little reluctant, Tulsi finally agrees to dance as a devdasi and perform the ‘akhand saubhgyawati’ ritual wherein the black bead from her mangalsutra is added to the bride’s mangalsutra.



Unaware of her past, Aradhya rushes to Krishnavati when the doctor informs her that her grandmother Kumudini is seriously ill only to find out that her mother and her grandmother have hidden a big truth from her. At first her grandmother, shrugs off by saying that her mother is simply getting ready for a wedding function, only when she returns back the second time around on finding her grandmother’s prescription in her tiffin box, that Aradhya realizes the intensity of the entire matter. When Aradhya overhears gossip at the temple where Tulsi is heading with the procession, she breaks down and confronts her mother about it.



Now with Tulsi’s and Kumudini’s past out in the open in front of Aradhya, will they come clean about who they really are? Will Aradhya accept the reality or will she run further away from it?

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